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It amazes me how much I keep forgetting to check in here.  I want to squee and talk about all the fun shows I am watching, but july brain feels melted.  Apparently I am teaching  too much or just not relaxing enough or something.   I guess this is all to say I feel burned out.   Three more weeks until I get a break.
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It's been a while so I thought I'd drop in and talk about my three favorite shows right now. (actually Master of None should be on this list but that is more difficult to post about.)

I finished SHIELD. All I can say, is I LOVED it and I was really expecting not to like the finale much at all.

SHEILD spoilers )

In other fronts, I'm loving Steven Universe. This show is possibly one of the best ever made. Rolling Stone just did an article on the show's creator, Rebecca Sugar:  Apparently this is the first show created by a woman on Cartoon Network.  (Which is sad when you think about it.)

The article is well worth the read and I'm glad the show is getting the attention it deserves. It is smart, funny, and a show for the rest of us. The feels and team love are perhaps the best I've ever seen and I keep waiting expectantly for more while listening to the music over and over. The last few episodes

mild spoiler )

Let's see...I'm also into My Little Pony now. My kids are huge My Little Pony fans and the more I watched the more I got sucked in. The characters are actually interesting and have depth, the music is fun to listen to, and the stories aren't as sappy/fake as I'm used to from kid's TV. So maybe, just maybe, I'm now an MLP fan and loving it.
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 I've been thinking a lot about the fanfics I've been reading in response to Agents of Shield, "The Return" and I can't help thinking that there is one large point being overlooked. I'm hoping the show considers this:


Spoilers for The Return )
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 While I was gone it looks like LJ changed their TOS and I'm not interested in dealing with that, so I'm posting only on DW now. That means I only have two people on my "reading" page.

I need to seek out some Agents of Shield stuff and other fun fandom people.  I also need to see if I can find the people who are on my LJ and see if they are also on DW.  Otherwise I guess it will be fairly lonely here.
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 Ever since the last episode of Agents of Shield, I've been going completely mad waiting for the next!  

Spoilers for The Return )
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  I am now caught up on SHIELD and desperate to find others caught up as well!  This show!   I had given up on it for a while but it is just so awesome now.  All the feels.   Anyone else here caught up???


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I wore my Steven Universe shirt and I've had so many people stop me and say "nice shirt"! Even G's teacher liked it and talked about how much she likes the show.

The show has also been in the news a lot lately.  Rebecca Sugar, the show's creator, came out recently and had this to say about the show. It's so amazing, I had to share it somewhere (and it does seem to be all over the internet). I took the quotes from this article from LA Times.

“These themes have so much to do with who you are. There is an idea that these are themes that should not be shared with kids but everyone shares stories about love and attraction with kids. So many stories for kids are about love.

“It really makes a difference to hear stories about how someone like you can be loved. And if you don’t hear those stories, it will change who you are.

cut for length )At any rate, it was nice today to see there are people who share my love of this show. :)
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 Hey, I finished one of the three SGA stories.  This is the one I had to write for catharsis.  3-year-olds can be ridiculously difficult!

Tite: Rodney's tactical list for surviving 3-year-olds
Author: Tazmy
Characters: John, Rodney, Torren
Description:  John and Rodney try to get Torren to sleep.  It doesn't go well.

AO3 link
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 So I'm attending a wedding this weekend during a hurricane watch.  I think the wedding is scheduled for the beach so this should be interesting?

I'm loving writing fanfiction again.  I've spent a lot of time writing children's stories lately so it's nice to get back to grown-up issues for a little while.  I've started two completely different George stories: George with Rodney in the isolation room after the events in my story Above All Else (the story where Rodney decides to save Elizabeth and the IOA is pissed) and then George with the team on an island in the future where they're all part of some rebellion against Earth's current leadership.  Neither of the stories are coming out how I want but they're sure fun to write.  I think I'll start a different one tonight: John and Rodney watching Torren by deciding the best path to avoid tantrums is to avoid making him do anything. 

Oh, and I want to write more in my musketeer stories as well. 

What will I do when vacation is over?
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 Apparently I was on a role yesterday as I wrote 3,030 words in my George story.  This is about as long of a story as I wanted to write but for this storyline it's about only 1/3 of the way through.  It's not the storyline I wanted and John and Rodney keep making my story serious when I wanted it to be silly and Rodney is talking to himself through George and it's all kind of weird.  I don't know whether to continue (3,000 words is a lot of work!) or scrap and start again.  The trouble is, I'm not convinced scrapping the story is going to help.  This just seems to be what my mind wants to write right now. 

I miss sga fandom and all the support that came with it.  Everyone is on Tumblr these days.  I've created an account but I don't understand Tumblr at all much less how to be part of a community there.  Maybe I'm writing moody stuff because I feel moody.

I think my story needs a second pair of eyes and a cheerleader/beta...
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Ten years ago, I wrote about George the Turtle on our honeymoon.  I sometimes go back and read those stories and they still never fail to make me happy and excited.  I don't know what possessed me to write about a monster turtle (tortoise really) but I'm glad I did. 

Today I am off in Hawaii for my anniversary.  We have a nice airbnb next to the ocean.  The plan was to swim but with two nearby hurricanes the surf isn't going to be safe.  My husband suggested I bring along my computer and write fanfic while he illustrates my children's story.  He's been helping me think of how I can write George and the sga team in the future. Have I mentioned how amazing my husband is?

I haven't written much but I long to find the right story.  So far I've decided it is from Jeannie's perspective about how the team has changed after many years.  Usually my George stories start to form slowly but then take off quickly once I find the right voice.  I just need to figure out what to incorporate.  I'm very much hoping I can pull this off. 

On another note:  I read a Musketeer fanfiction that was amazing and well researched.  It may be the first fanfic I've ever read that lists about ten to fifteen first source references at the end of the fic in a bibliography.  The author traced tetanus writings from throughout the centuries so they could create a vivid, real picture of how tetanus would affect a person in the 17th century and what options the people would use to treat the affliction with. 

In short, this fanfic was completely awesome and makes me want to do similar type research for another fic.
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I am impressed at how well my daughter's book came out!   She is so excited that it worked.

It feels like quality and the color printing is better than on the ones I printed at a local copier.  The cover feels nice.  I can't believe I can get lots of author copies for cheap.  I sense lots of gifts for family.

She is excited to see it listed on Amazon as a "real" book.

Link to the book on Amazon.
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 So my 6-year-old wrote a story.  This isn't her first time.  She's been writing since she was 3 and loves to hand out her books to teachers, friends, and anyone she can convince to read them.  Recently, she decided she wanted to to do a lemonade, book, and cookie stand where she could sell her books.  She did the same last year and made a chunk of cash so I was happy to support her in this endeavor.

Next came this conversation:

G: Why can't I get my book in a real store

Me: It's a lot harder to do. It takes time.  Maybe when you're older you can do that.

G: I want my book in a store. 

Me: I understand.

So I thought about it and I realized this is the age of indie publishing.  Yes, she is 6.  Yes, her book reads like it was written by a child.  Yes, her art is still developing (though better than my own at this point).  However, what's stopping me from putting her book up on Amazon and sending a few copies to family?  It's true she wouldn't sell any copies aside than a few to friends, but that's not really the point.  The point is that we could go on Amazon, search for her book's isbn, and purchase the book just as if it were in a real bookstore.  It's fairly low cost with lots of gain.

So after some contemplation, I decided to try it out. We'll get her proof in a few weeks. Meanwhile, she is bouncing off the walls because she has written a "real" book that is available for sale.  

Through all of this she has learned to type on a computer, edit, match illustrations to her story, and much more.  She's gained lots of confidence and pride in her work.  

She's also told me that she never plans to stop writing books.  Needless to say, I'm excited, too.
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I couldn't handle one of the episodes in the Musketeers so I had to write an episode tag.  In many ways it is a nod to the books where similar-ish events happen.  Here I connect them.

Title: Honor and Consequences
Author: Tazmy
Description:  Episode tag to "Prisoner of War".  Athos insulted the king and his law.  There must be consequences but his friends' have his back.

Locations to read:


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The second half of season three of The Musketeers is so much better than the rest of the series! There is so much more action, a lot less "story of the week" with lots of white washing history, and less poorly written bad guys. Grimaud proves himself a great villain for the series and we get to see the characters really shine in their roles.

I'm so sad this is all there is. One more episode and I won't have more of these musketeers to keep me happy. I'll have to go back and read the books, I suppose.
For all the good, however, there are some easy outs the authors take that really drive me nuts.

Case in point: the episode Prisoner of War. Read more... )

At the very least, I want to see something. I get there's only so much time to delve into this stuff but it makes the whole episode fall flat without. Seriously, the captain of the musketeers just shouted before a crowd of people, the red guard, and other musketeers to "damn the law" while rescuing a prisoner without orders to do so. That can't go unchecked!

I haven't written fanfiction in a while, but I am sorely tempted to write this... Unfortunately I have to write my article today on abacus games and then work on my other stories for my business. Adulting sucks sometime

If anyone out there watched this show and wants to write me a tag to this episode, I'd be very excited.


Aug. 2nd, 2016 10:25 am
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 Anyone here still watching the Musketeers?  I'm half way through season 3 and I'm starting to really get into it now. 

The writing is improving and the stakes are raising.  I love the characters more each episode and I'm excited that they seem to be heading toward the Fronde (civil wars before the revolution).  I love how each of the Musketeers are starting to question which side they are on.  

In the books, Athos and Aramis choose to fight with the Fronde while Porthos and D'Aratagnan fight for the king.  It comes together when the boy king is kidnapped by the Fronde.  They discover they are on different sides during a fight.  They come together in a meeting to discuss it and it almost breaks out in more fighting.  Athos brings them together saying they may work for different sides but they are friends until the end.  It's one of my favorite scenes in Twenty Years After.  I may have to go read it right away! Yup, just read it again from my very old version of the book:
from a 1893 printing with wood art )

I can't express how much I love that scene.

I don't think they'll do this at all in the series.  If anything, they seem to be working to have D'Artagnan and Athos work with the Fronde but I don't think there will be infighting among the Musketeers.  
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 I'm slowly working my way through new television now.  I'm watching season 3 of The Musketeers, starting Mr. Robot, and of course loving Steven Universe.


Can I just say how much I adore this show!!!!!  The relationships still never cease to amaze me.  Last night was another musical episode that focused on the troubled relationship between Pearl and Greg.  It's funny to me because in the fanfic world I never liked reading anything other than Gen.  I really never cared for relationships getting in the way of how I perceived my characters.  With Steven Universe, however, it's often the romantic relationships that prove the most interesting to me: Garnet as a relationship herself, Greg/Rose, Pearl/Rose, etc.  I think it's different for me because I already see it as part of who the characters are as opposed to in a lot of fanfic where I had trouble understanding how the relationship could even exist (not that it couldn't, just that I couldn't see it)

As it is, however, I love how Steven Universe explores different kinds of relationships in a safe way where kids can be exposed to the different lifestyles in an environment where it is considered normal, no big deal, and just part of life.  I don't know of any other kids show that dares tread this ground?

Here is a great song from last night's episode:

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My daughter has been dreaming of ninja warrior classes since she was 2.  So imagine my excitement when I find out the local gym is going to offer ninja warrior classes to kids her age.  Imagine my disappointment when I'm told "They're for boys only at this time." 

Worst of all: Having to tell my daughter that she can't take the class because she's a girl.

She asks, "Why does it matter?"

I tell her, "It shouldn't."

The next day she writes a story of the Easter Bunny.  She writes, " she, because the Easter Bunny was a she, could hide the eggs..."  

Next day she asks how ketchup got on the potty.  Then she wants to know why women bleed from their vaginas and isn't it a problem because they can't wear band-aids.  What's up with boys not having the same issue?

So here I am with my 5.5 year-old thinking she's far too observant and I'm not really ready to have these conversations, but maybe having them earlier is better after all.  I love seeing that her instinct is to fight the status quo rather than accept less simply because others say she should.

At the shoe shop, she finds space shoes and wants them in her size.  The shoe clerk shows her pink flower shoes in her size instead.  She politely explains that she really wants the planets and rockets on the shoe.  The shoes are too wide for her but the right length.  She finds a pair of pink shoes instead that will suffice, not really understanding why the pink shoes are narrower than all of the space-themed shoes.  The clerk apologizes to her and tells her how great it is to love science at her age.

The gym has promised a ninja warrior class for girls in the fall.  One of my kid's friends is hoping to join with us. My kid is excited but she still doesn't understand why she has to wait.  Honestly?  Neither do I.
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Steven Universe remains awesome no matter how many times I watch it.  The plot takes a long time to reveal itself but it's well worth it.  I like the idea of the show: An alien race comes to conquer the world but instead a few decide to defend Earth and allow themselves to be redefined by their experiences here. 
more steven universe rambling but not spoilery )

In other news, I was reading to my daughter (5.5 year old) a book that tells the story of Albert Einstein from Einstein's point of view.  She was fascinated and said she thought in pictures just like he did.  At one point, Einstein says that people called him weird.  I stopped the story and talked a bit about that.   At one point I asked, "Why do you think they called him weird" and she answered without any hesitation "maybe because he's white and from a black family?"

So I think it's very important to talk to your kids about race from an early age.  The trouble is, I'm always afraid of messing up the conversation.  We talk about it just fine when I bring it up but when it comes so naturally from her questions, I find myself flustered without pre-thought out responses.  I sort of feel like this means I suck in some way or other.

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Now that I'm finished with Agent Carter, I've moved on to the new season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Apparently I failed to see the finale last season so I went back and watched it and....

WHAT THE....  They.... They.....  (incoherent rambling)

GAH!!!!!!!! )


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